Can a 5 Year Old Go to a Concert? How to Plan an Outdoor Music Experience for Kindergarteners – Arts and Music PA

To ensure that there are no scheduling issues In order to avoid problems with scheduling, it’s essential that the event doesn’t take event too late in the morning. Be sure to consider how conditions could affect your venue. If you’re thinking of outside, it’ll be important to pay very keen attention to the weather at that time of the year as well as have a backup plan should the weather not cooperate.
Determine the equipment you’ll need

Once you have found the ideal venue and engaged the performer, paid your insurance and made the payment to the venue, it’s time to either rent or buy the necessary equipment to hold the occasion. A contractor may be hired to construct temporary structures to accommodate the VIP guests. It is also possible take into consideration the requirements for materials. If, for example, you’re looking to build an temporary ramp in order to achieve ADA compliance you may need metal, in which case you’ll need a welding machine to build an ramp. Also, you should consider the services offered.

Portable toilets and snacks along with drinks or foods that may be enjoyed by kids, are essential. You will need the right equipment to allow your kids to safely navigate this space with their parents.

Hire Vendors

On top of amenities One of the most effective solutions is simply hiring suppliers. While it is cheaper to engage vendors, the costs of their services will be much more expensive. In the case of, say, you’re looking to sell T-shirts, chances are you’ll be too busy to make that happen and run the concert at the same time. That’s why you might think about employing several vendors that have previous experience with serving food and beverages, selling merch, or other types of services.

Create a Comfortable Environment

This is a step that’s more directed towards the performer. Make sure your talent is kept comfortable and at ease so that they can perform at the highest level. Make sure to have lots of drinks and meals in the room.


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